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Customer Handover- JDR4140i

It gives us great pleasure to have supplied this JD R4140i, the only one of its kind in the South West.

thumbnail 2Photo taken shortly after hand over from our Holsworthy Depot with the help of our Farmsight Manager Kris Jones.

John Deere produce 5000 self-propelled sprayers a year making them the largest sprayer manufacturer in the world. The JDR4140i self-propelled sprayer is one of 2 models (R4140i & R4150i) available throughout Europe. The only difference between the two machines is the tank capacity.


Tank Capacity


4000 litres


5000 litres

Features & Benefits

  • An increased transport speed of 50km/h this helps to reduce the amount of time traveling between farm and field.


  • An improved cab with increased visibility, space and comfort. The cab is situated between the two axles, this along with the impressive suspension system means an unrivalled comfort level in all conditions is achieved. This suspension combined with the BoomTrac system also sees that a constant boom height is kept.


  • Completing the cab is the new command arm, joystick and 4640 display.

thumbnail 4In use shortly after delivery.


The JD R4140i is packed with technology that aids with the optimum performance of the machine:

  • The John Deere PowrSpray system on the machine has the benefit of 2 separate systems. A filling capacity of 1200 litres per minuities means that the R4140i is full in less than 4 minutes! But don’t worry the clever active pause feature allows pauses when filling so the operator is able to get all the chemical in the machine at their own leisure.Active pause takes clean water from the external source to the inductor for cleaning of bottles. Once the chemical is in the machine and the inductor has been cleaned simply hit the button and the filling of water (to the set amount) continues. A separate spray pump is then used for your spray solution. Features such as AirRinse and AutoDilute are all activated from inside the cab to give the operator full control over the cleaning and emptying of the spray system.
  • The 4640 display gives the operator full control of the machine’s setup and operation. The operator is able to document work completed, as soon as work on one field is finished all documents including; weather, chemical, rate applied and where it was applied can sent seamlessly to the free John Deere operations centre. Massively reducing the amount of paper work and increasing productivity.
  • JDLink gives you full visibility to the machine and the operations completed on the machine. Using the JDLink system means Expert Alerts are constantly being developed for this machine giving more and more preventative diagnostic warnings. These will notify the dealer service department of a potential issue on the machine before a fault code has even appeared on the machine. This will allow the repair if required to be scheduled at a time that suits you.
  • AutoTrac at different levels helps to improve the accuracy of the machine, mobile RTK was fitted to the machine recently delivered giving full accuracy without drift for mapping of fields and sharing of guidance lines for other machines to use.
  • ExactApply is the biggest technology leap on the machine. This system uses PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) nozzle bodies that give full individual nozzle control. This control goes from switching on and off to adjusting the volume of spray through the nozzle to make sure that the correct rate is applied to the crop. This means that as you turn a corner the outside nozzles will increase the flow rate as the boom moves faster and the inside nozzles will reduce to keep an even coverage across the full boom width. As well as this in a different mode the system is also able to change the nozzle that is being used seamlessly while in operation. This means that a small nozzle and a large nozzle can be fitted in a pair on the machine with the small nozzle being operated at low speeds then as the speed increased it swaps to the large nozzle to keep the same rate and droplet size. When speed is increased further, both nozzles will be switched on together to make sure that coverage is even.Speeds of 30km/h can be reached with the system while keeping the same droplet size and applied rate throughout. The ExactApply system will give significant saving on chemicals and time while making sure that all crop is treated.

         ExactApply Nozzle
         ExactApply nozzle.

Please call your local depot for more information on the machine if you are interested.